Thursday, August 28, 2008

$3 million Church Donation

I think this link above tells an interesting story. I think the person's desire to remain anonymous is an incredible testament to their character. Or is it?
Maybe they just didn't want their church to know they were gambling! :)
Did God allow this person to win the lottery so that this church could add on to their facilities? God has certainly done stranger things in scripture to further His purposes. I have several questions though.
  1. How many of us could have given up our winnings to our church?
  2. How many people in that church will stop giving because they think the church doesn't need it now?
  3. How many people out there will criticize the church for taking the money?

It's amazing how quick we are to judge a person or situation when God actually does show up to intervene. In John 9 we are told the story of the blind man who was healed by Jesus. The Pharisees and even the man's own family began to criticize Jesus for healing on the Sabbath and the man for ackowledging that Jesus is the Son of God who healed him.

Too many times we behave exactly as these Pharisees in this story. We judge, criticize and villianize what we cannot understand.

My prayer is that this church will add on, but that they will add on in order to reach others for Christ, not to just enrich their own programs and worship experience.

Just my rambling thoughts.

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